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Receiving Reiki from Maggie has been a truly profound healing experience. Going to her for digestive complaints, menstrual issues, and overall emotional unease, I have benefited tremendously from her Reiki services physically, emotionally and spiritually. A perfect combination of talk therapy and hands on energy work, I always leave my time with Maggie feeling re-charged and re-centered. Not only does she have a vast knowledge of crystals and other "alternative" healing techniques, she's also incredibly warm and easy to talk to. I would recommend Reiki with Maggie to those in the midst of a life transition or anyone seeking some assistance healing themselves in a holistic way.

Christine T

My reiki sessions with Maggie have been nothing short of amazing! She is extremely caring, very knowledgeable, and so down to earth! She makes you feel completely at home during your reiki session! I wouldn't go to anyone else!! I highly recommend going to see her!

Jillian Salamone

I've seen Maggie twice now for Reiki and both have been really amazing experiences. I had never experienced Reiki before and wasn't sure what to expect or what it was, really, but Maggie made me feel really comfortable and safe. It was really relaxing but also really intense in a good way - I was surprised by how emotionally powerful the experience was. I can't explain it, but I walked away from both of my appointments feeling like I had just gone to therapy - like, a really good and revelatory session - even though I hadn't said a word, and after both sessions I felt more centered and grounded than I had been in a long time. I don't quite understand what she did, but Maggie is clearly incredibly talented and I will definitely be going back to her!

Elizabeth S

Maggie is AMAZING at creating a safe space to receive Reiki. Her approach is very calm and soothing. I look forward to our weekly visits. I would highly recommend a session!!!

Kate C

My experience with Maggie's Reiki practice was transformative. As I was receiving Reiki from Maggie, I felt the energy flowing through my body, and my mind/body/soul felt lifted for an extended period of days after, but the internal shift that took place has lifted me to this day. I knew intuitively that another session would heal me at an even deeper level, and it truly did. Each experience has been nothing short of miraculous. 
Maggie is professional and at the same time able to create such a relaxed and personal environment that you don't receive from any doctor in western medicine. I highly recommend reiki for anyone, however I feel that a person must choose a gifted and knowledgeable Reiki Master and Maggie proves to be that healer well beyond expectations. 
I am going to be a lifetime client!

Claire W

Throughout the years I have experimented with various Reiki healers. However after my first session with Maggie, I knew she was the one I had been seeking! Maggie has a very calming and centered energy about her. She makes me feel welcome, comfortable, and always provides spot on advice when I need it most. During our sessions, I am able to settle into an indescribable meditative space that I am only able to achieve in Maggie’s presence. I can literally feel the amazing healing energy coming through her. Each and every time I leave a session, I feel revived, lighter, and renewed. This sense of lightness and revival stays with me throughout my everyday life. I am always looking forward to my next session with this amazing and talented soul. I highly recommend Maggie’s service to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

Paul Salamone

Maggie is truly gifted. She has helped me find peace within myself during a very trying time in my life.

Anya L

Maggie is such a gentle, compassionate and open woman. I feel so incredibly safe to be honest with her about what I am feeling and what is going on in my body, mind and spirit. I feel that her ability to be vulnerable and honest gives me the permission to do the same. She doesn't allow her ego to get in the way and she is very humble. I would highly suggest anyone wanting some healing for whatever is going in your life, to make an appointment with Maggie. She is a true gem and a gift to the healing world.

Kelcy K

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