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reiki yoga therapy westchester ny

This Japanese energetic healing technique, known as the "spiritual medicine for all diseases," re-balances the body’s complex energy systems, restoring mind, body & spirit to optimal levels. Reiki works well on its own, or as a compliment to medical, mental health, or other alternative forms of therapy.


Reiki is especially helpful during periods of grief & loss, changes in job or relationships, breakup or divorce, times of stress or emotional upheaval, before & after surgery, during chemotherapy, or during & after pregnancy.


The benefits are limitless. Here are just a few...


  • Alleviates Pain & Inflammation

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Increases Energy Levels & Mental Clarity

  • Boosts Self-Confidence & Intuition

  • Improves Communication & Relationships

  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

  • Restores Sense of Peace & Tranquility

  • Clears & Balances Chakras

  • Accelerates Healing

  • Compliments & Supports Medical Treatment

  • Uncovers Suppressed or Blocked Emotions

  • Aids in Deep, Restful Sleep

  • Helps to Free From Compulsive Thought
    Patterns & Behaviors/Addictions

What is Reiki Energy Healing?


During a Reiki Session, you simply lay fully clothed on a massage table while I place my hands gently on or above you. A treatment usually feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through & around you, creating a sense of relaxation, peace, security & well-being. 


During the session, you may experience shifts in temperature, hear gurgling sounds from your stomach, visualize light, colors, images, or memories, or experience brief surges of emotions.

Reiki is intuitive and does whatever is needed for the highest good and greatest healing of the recipient, but will never "heal" against someone's will. Therefore there is nothing to fear, as it can do no harm and has no harmful side effects.

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

What Happens After a Reiki Session?

After the session, you and I will discuss anything that may have come up during the session and whatever insights, images, or feelings I may have picked up on. I will help you make sense of the healing process, offer grounding techniques and anything else that applies to your particular case. I am also available for follow up questions over email.

I always ask clients to pay attention to any changes as their mind and body continue to rebalance over the next few days or even weeks. Changes might include physical shifts, such as more restful sleep or a more relaxed feeling in the body; mental/emotional shifts, such as feeling calmer in stressful situations or feeling more focused; and spiritual shifts, such as feeling more grounded or intuitive.


Some people experience a sense of lightness and wellbeing right away, while others may experience a temporary form of detoxing, known as a “healing crisis.”  This will pass shortly (usually 1-7 days) and may include brief surges of irritability or weepiness, headaches, or fatigue, for example.  You are simply releasing stuck energy. Staying hydrated, taking Epsom salt baths, getting plenty of rest, and exercise can all help - as will another Reiki session!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

For best results a minimum of 3 sessions is advisable to reset and rebalance your body's energetic pathways. Chronic conditions may take longer. Energy pathways can be very scrambled, hence resultant illnesses. Therefore, the answer to this question often depends on what bring someone in, how chronic or deep-seated their condition is, and/or how willing (or unwilling) they are to let go of certain limiting beliefs about themselves.


For chronic anxiety, depression, or illness, regular sessions are recommended. These can be weekly, bimonthly, or monthly depending on your needs.

There is no ceiling to the benefits of reiki, and no such thing as "too much" reiki. Many people come in for one particular reason and find so many unexpected benefits that they return for regular sessions. Ultimately, how often you choose to receive Reiki is entirely up to you – see how you feel and trust your gut.

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